Customer Service

Our color solutions are used by food, beverage and cosmetics manufactures around the globe, including the world’s largest F&B companies.

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Customer Service

The commercial and technical department of BioconColors have the responsibility and flexibility to respond quickly to customers requirements.

  • BioconColors works with a carefully selected group of agents and distributors who have proven experience in the food industry. In cooperation with our technical team, they can advise on the selection and use of our colorants in different applications.
  • Besides supplying customers directly from our plant in Lima, we are able to supply a part of our standard products from a central warehouse in Germany or via our agents and distributors in various countries.
  • With high internal standards for product and export documentation we are able to ensure a smooth delivery of the products to its final destination.
  • Aside from offering our standard product portfolio, we closely work with end-producers for the development of customised products.
  • With sufficient stock and anticipation we are able to supply our products all year round independently of the raw material season.
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Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have